Counseling & Therapy

Office Based Therapy

The family-centered counseling service program model is delivered as follows: Intensive outpatient counseling services are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day (on-call). The counseling service is delivered by a master's level family therapist. Clients provide their own transportation to the in office sessions which is as frequent as deemed necessary by the family therapist and in accordance with client needs. It is the philosophy of Families United, Inc. that in order to effectively serve a family, a therapist must have an opportunity to observe and experience the home environment of the family. This assists the therapist in understanding the environmental factors impacting the family system; therefore, occasional home visits are encouraged.

The family therapist submits an assessment to the referring agency within thirty days. The assessment delineates clinical observations and treatment goals. Regular contact to the referring agency coupled with frequent phone contact, emails, and progress reports occur. The family therapist is available as needed for court appearances and case conferences. Extensive collateral contacts are made with all systems interacting with the family. Collaboration with other agencies is a priority in addition to making referrals to "wrap-around" services. Upon receipt of a referral from the referring DCS, the client family will be contacted within three to five working days. Clients referred for treatment will have an appointment take place within 12 business days of the receipt of the referral. Clients are to have regular contact, unless deemed otherwise by the therapist, or referring DCS. Clinical Casenotes will be submitted on a regular basis. Cases are not terminated without consulting the referring agency and without consensus that termination of treatment is appropriate. Written termination reports are submitted to the referring agency.

Home Based Therapy

Home-Based Therapy services are delivered by Families United, Inc. and emerged as a result of the success of the office-based counseling being offered by a master's level family therapist.

The home-based counseling services can be delivered exclusively in the home of the client family. There is also the option to provide a combination of services that are both homebased and office-based (such as 2 in the home and 2 in the office per month). Clients can be seen in other arenas other than the home, such as in foster homes, at schools, and/or facilities where they reside.

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